Over 220K lethal doses of fentanyl intercepted by CBP Louisville

A shipment arriving from South Africa was inspected by CBP officers in Louisville, Kentucky. Officers found enough fentanyl to kill more than 220,000 people. Since Sept. 1, officers at the port of Louisville have intercepted 20 pounds of fentanyl. Valley News/Courtesy photo
LOUISVILLE, Ky. – U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in Louisville seized a shipment arriving from South Africa containing enough fentanyl to kill 220,700 people Wednesday, Sept. 21.CBP officers detained the shipment that was manifested as water purification. When officers inspected the package, they found a bottle labeled as “Hydrozone ph-Balance” containing a white powder. The powder tested positive for fentanyl. Additionally, a small Ziplock bag of white powder labeled as “Bicarbonate minerals” also tested positive for fentanyl – 441 grams. The fentanyl had a street value of at least $58,000.Also inside the package was a small Ziplock bag of a white crystal substance labeled as “Magnesium mix.” Officers tested this substance which was positive for cocain
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