Have a heart that treasures Christmas

Pastor Zachary Elliott
Zachary Elliott, 2020
What if the treasure you think you’ve found in life really isn’t a treasure at all?Some years ago, I was given several pieces of art that were about 50 years old. I was excited because, as a person with zero art knowledge, I thought they might be worth a few bucks. For a young father of four at the time, any money was a big deal, and Christmas wasn’t too far off.I called an art dealer to come to take a look at what I had. When he showed up, he looked carefully at every piece, rubbed his chin, sighed deeply and said, “I’m sorry to tell you this, but your pieces aren’t worth anything. They are hotel art.”How many times have you treasured something that had zero value?If you’re going to treasure anything this Christmas, you need to have a heart that treasures C
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