Monterey Park victims’ fund receives $100,000 contribution from Pechanga

The Monterey Park Lunar New Year Victims Fund has received a $100,000 contribution from the Pechanga Band of Indians. As of 2 p.m. Jan. 25, the GoFundMe account was up to $707,154 of a $750,000 goal. Pechanga’s gift sent the amount to $807,154. The city and community of Monterey Park opened its arms to Pechanga more than a decade ago to partake and contribute to the excitement of its Lunar New Year Festival. As we mourn the victims of Saturday night’s tragedy, Pechanga’s commitment to the community remains unwavering. A contribution of $100,000 has been made to the victims’ fund in solidarity with their families and community.“The Monterey Park community welcomed Pechanga into their festivities many years ago,” Pechanga Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro said. “Pechanga has mad
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