Mayor Schwank invites ‘Lisa from Temecula’ to 2023 State of the City

Temecula Mayor Zak Schwank invites 'Lisa from Temecula' to the State of the City address. screenshot

Temecula Mayor Zak Schwank made a unique invitation to Ego Nwodim, who portrays ‘Lisa from Temecula’ on Saturday Night Live, during a city council meeting on Tuesday night, April 25. The Mayor invited Nwodim to attend the upcoming State of the City address in August and sit at his table as a special guest.

During the meeting, Mayor Schwank thanked NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” and Ego Nwodim for introducing Temecula to the world through the character. ‘Lisa From Temecula’, who is portrayed as an outspoken and opinionated woman who frequently shares her love and affiliation for the city.

Schwank extended the invitation to Nwodim after being approached by NBC Los Angeles. Instead of sending a brief statement, Mayor Schwank decided to take advantage of the opportunity by creating an entertaining video to capitalize on the character. 

In the video, Schwank is seen at his desk vigorously tossing a salad and cutting a tough extra well-done steak, which is her preferred meal. In the video, he says,  “We would like to thank NBC Saturday Night Live and Ego Nwodim for introducing the world to ‘Lisa from Temecula.’ The city of Temecula is proud to claim ‘Lisa from Temecula’ as one of our own and, in fact, I would like to cordially invite ‘Lisa from Temecula’ to sit at the Mayor’s table with me for the 2023 Temecula State of the City. We have salad tossed with tons of Ranch dressing and the extra extra well-done steak will be on me.”

Schwank continued, “To Ego Nwodim and everyone at Saturday Night Live, the city of Temecula is enjoying our newest favorite resident ‘Lisa from Temecula’.”

Nwodim was thrilled with the invitation and expressed her excitement during an interview with Access Hollywood. She stated that she knew what Temecula was as soon as she heard it and that she would try her best to attend the State of the City event.