Temecula’s ‘Heather Pilapil’s Gallery’ is having its 10 year anniversary art show

TEMECULA – Heather Pilapil’s Gallery 10 Year Anniversary Art Show is taking place on Saturday, May 6 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. There will be two new local artists’ artworks on display, in addition to the continuing works of 28 local artists, and of course Heather’s artworks hanging on the walls to see and buy. Guests are invited to join the gallery on this special day. Snacks and refreshments will be served, and art activities will be available for children. Spend Saturday afternoon enjoying local art and mingling with artists and art lovers alike. No tickets or reservations are required. Attendees can come and go anytime between 3 and 6 p.m.

Heather Pilapil is a local artist who opened her own art gallery in Temecula in May of 2013. Nestled in Plaza Seville on the corner of Winchester Road and Jefferson Avenue, between You&I Sushi and Cartridge PROS (the center with Starbucks), the gallery is in Suite U of the 27371 Jefferson Avenue building. Since 2013 she has welcomed any local artists who wish to show their work in her gallery. The only limitation to the artists is they have to live in or around the Temecula area. In the early 2010’s Heather found that local art representation in the area was sorely lacking and galleries were not thriving. Although the majority of her revenue comes from her amazing tattooing skills, it allowed her to open up her available wall space for customers to enjoy viewing and buying art from local artists. Heather also offers a wide range of services out of her gallery. In addition to the local art and tattoos, she also offers henna, glass painting, custom art commissions, body art, murals, and any other art related service anyone needs.

In the gallery, local artwork is free for our artists to hang on a consignment basis, and the artists have the freedom to show in her gallery for as long or short as they like. Local artists showing in Heather Pilapil’s Gallery choose their own prices, and when their piece sells, they receive 60% of the sale, while the gallery retains 40% of the sale to help keep the doors open and the walls available for showcasing. Buying art from this gallery gives local artists the encouragement to continue creating art and show the wonders and beauty of the Temecula area. The gallery’s website shows the wide variety of styles, subject matters, and sizes of the works available. Art can also be purchased off the website.

Heather Pilapil moved to the Temecula area in 1996. Before marriage she was Heather Badger. She went to Vail Ranch Middle School and graduated from Temecula Valley High School in 2002. She graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2006 from Laguna College of Art and design with a BA in Fine Arts: Drawing and Painting. She married her amazing husband in 2007 and they have two beautiful children. Heather has overcome many obstacles in her life, but the most impactful is her physical health. But despite her health setbacks, she has still been able to run her business and keep it running for a decade. Heather is a strongly driven individual and works very hard to support her family and lift up local artists to show their work and be seen. She is kind, helpful, and always wants the best for her family, artists, and customers. Heather is very skilled at what she does and thrives in the ability to give people amazing art on canvas, glass, walls, their bodies, and so much more. Her motto is “Any medium, any surface, anywhere”.

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