Escape To Gain Safety class teaches awareness

Mike Patke teaches a student how to escape an attacker at the Escape To Gain Safety class Saturday, May 13 at the Anza Community Hall. Anza Valley Outlook/Amy Procop photo
Defense expert Mike Patke offered a free class on women’s self-defense at the Anza Community Hall Saturday, May 13 to a class of several eager participants. The session, dubbed Escape to Gain Safety, focused on situational awareness and simple, yet effective techniques to escape an attack and exit to a safe place.Patke has been teaching martial arts for almost 50 years. He is the founder of N.R.G. Martial Arts and Well Being. His ChairBoundless-Freedom through Mobility, is a martial arts program for persons in wheelchairs, designed to empower people with handicaps to become ‘handicapable.’ The play on words indicates how effective the self-defense lessons can truly be.His Escape to Gain Safety series teaches women how to use their bodies to twist away from an attacker, while
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