Prepare to evacuate from a wildfire

FILE PHOTO: Flames erupt violently during a wildfire that ignites in dry brush. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
Wildfire season is upon the Anza Valley and it is well past time to formulate an evacuation plan in case the unthinkable happens. The lessons of the Fairview Fire last year made it obvious that most residents still have some work to do to perfect their fire emergency strategies.As Cal Fire, Riverside County Fire Department, and the US Forestry Department deploy resources to attack a wildland fire, they release information that is accurate, timely and trustworthy. If an evacuation is imminent, residents will be alerted and law enforcement agencies will go door to door to ensure everyone clears out safely.It is wise to come up with a plan before things get hot. Everyone in the home must be aware of the actions to be taken and prepared in an instant to implement the plan.The strat
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