Review of all things real estate: What’s up with prices?

Bob Hillery
Bob HilleryCR PropertiesIt’s not just real estate, it’s prices across all fronts. Have you checked out the price of gasoline lately? In town, there is nothing offered under $5/gallon, and two days ago gasoline at Costco was $4.79/gallon. How about vegetables and produce? Propane, water and electricity?Due to slower than usual real estate business, we haven’t gone through a lot of printer paper this year. But really, a case of printer/copier paper went from $22 to $36 since the beginning of the year? Woof!What is impacting prices across the board? We have an extremely tight labor market, which has to impact prices since businesses need to pay more for labor just to keep the doors open. The Temecula Hyundai dealer closed their service department on Sundays and are sched
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