Preventing bug infestations at home can reduce your anxiety

A new survey reveals a pervasive fear of bugs among Americans. This is bad news considering that the average home has more than 100 kinds of bugs living in it.According to a Proctor & Gamble survey, 71% of Americans suffer from what Zevo calls “bugxiety.” Much more than a mere nuisance, many respondents confessed to extreme reactions and big emotions after a bug sighting.But you don’t have to live in fear. Here’s your five-part plan for handling insects and achieving a sense of calm:1. For round-the-clock protection, use strategically placed Zevo Flying Insect Traps in the kitchen, garage and areas where doors and windows are open and closed frequently.2. Seal cracks around windows and doors. It’s a cost-effective, DIY project to keep bugs out.3. Wash up a
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