Take steps to prepare for a long retirement

Nima Helmi. Valley News/Courtesy photo
How long will you live? Of course, your longevity is somewhat unpredictable. But it may be a good idea to plan for a long life and the financial issues that go along with it.It’s reasonable to think you’ve got a long way to go. In fact, 72% of retirees now think they will live longer than their parents, according to a recent survey from Age Wave and Edward Jones. Their optimism may be justified: A 65-year-old woman can expect to live almost 20 more years, while a 65-year-old man can anticipate about 17 more years, according to the Centers for Disease Control. And these figures are just averages. If you’re healthy at 65, you could spend two or even three more decades as a retiree.To help maintain the resources necessary to pay for these years, you may need to take several step
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