TEMECULA – This will be the first time ever that Temecula and Murrieta will have played in an official match when they face each other in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Saturday, Sep. 30, at Chaparral High School. Game time is set for 7 p.m.

This is also commonly known as the U.S. Open Cup (USOC), which is a knockout cup competition in men’s soccer in the United States of America. It is the oldest ongoing national soccer competition in that country.[1] The competition was first held during the 1913–1914 season as the National Challenge Cup, with Brooklyn Field Club winning a trophy donated by Thomas Dewar for the promotion of American soccer.[2] It was renamed and dedicated to North American Soccer League (NASL) and Major League Soccer (MLS) executive Lamar Hunt by the United States Soccer Federation in 1999.

A bit about Temecula FC

Temecula. Family. Football. In that order. The quails are an independent, family-owned football (soccer) club based in Temecula. Their passion is to serve the community and their sport.

“Our community defines us; it’s in our blood and in our football,” says Brandon Jantz.

Temecula FC will face Murrieta for the first time in an official match when they play in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Saturday, Sep. 30, at Chaparral High School at 7 p.m. Valley News/Courtesy photo

Who are the standout players?

Jantz also said the club is fortunate enough to have 11 talented players on the pitch at all times that stand out, but to name a few that make a difference on the score board: Diego Valle on the wing is extremely dangerous every time he has the ball at his feet. He put a lot of balls in the net for us and caused a lot of problems for every team we’ve played. Beto Renteria is turning into a final third nightmare for defenses as his understanding of where to be and how to deliver service in high percentage locations has improved tremendously over the last year. Elias Quintanar Macias is our workhorse that does not stop. He defends as well as he attacks and can threaten the goal from any angle.

A bit about the team

This group of men is made up of a few players that have been with the club for a few years and many that joined us before the spring. They’ve been able to come together very quickly with a single goal in mind which is to win every match that they compete in. They understand the value of “Playing for Each Other” and are committed to improving as a unit as well as individuals. We are very blessed to have this type of talent and commitment at our club.

How is the year shaping up?

This is going to be an interesting year as they have added a couple of players in key positions that have raised their level, and with everyone gunning to beat them, they now stand to have a lot of close competitive matches. Training this pre-season has been intense as they expect the coming year to be nothing less than a war.

Things to look out for

The quails made a change at their No. 1 spot. Rodrigo Ibarra took the top spot at keeper. His command of the back line is key to helping us maintain clean sheets and his shot stopping and distribution is top level. Their defense last season was very good, only allowing 3 goals all season and with Rodrigo in goal I expect that number to improve.

A bit about the fans

“The Dirty Birds are unlike any other supporters’ group,” says Jantz. “They definitely give us a true home field advantage, and when away they travel in most cases in larger numbers than the home team. Football isn’t anything without supporters. It’s great to have the player’s families on the sidelines cheering, but when you have supporters that have absolutely no blood ties to anyone on the pitch you know that The Club is building something very special in the valley and for the valley.”

Finally, Jantz also relayed that Temecula FC does donate a % of their youth Elementary and Middle School league fees to support Barks of Love who have a great mission. “The specific purposes for which this corporation is organized are to decrease the total number of animals being euthanized each year, provide a safe and caring home for animals that are being neglected, abused and/or abandoned, and offer community education and awareness. The means for providing such programs include, but are not limited to, donations and fundraisers.”

More information about their upcoming season can be found online at www.temeculafc.com.