Western Science Center’s first PaleoCon stirs interest of many scientists and students from across the nation

A painting of a Mastodon in the Beyond the Barstow exhibit greets visitors to the Western Science Center museum’s latest educational fossils exhibit of animals that lived in America from 16 to 13 million years ago. Valley News/Tony Ault photo
The Western Science Center celebrated its first PaleoCon Conference with paleontologists and students from across the country in conjunction with the opening of its newest exhibit “Beyond the Barstow” Saturday, Aug. 26. The special dual event took place at the Western Science Center, located at 2345 Searl St. with a reception held on Friday, Aug. 25 for the many paleontologists and scientists visiting from as far away as Maryland for an intensive week of studying WSC’s vast collections of fossils from the Ice Age and before, with an emphasis on the loaned collection of fossils from the Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology in Claremont, some dating as far back as 16 million years ago.“When you g
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