DAR honors William Hall for his service and selfless endurance

Patriot Hall was a teenager when he first joined the Revolutionary fight

Our American fight for freedom did not come easy. In November 1776 – 247 years ago – George Washington was feeling the weight of the process. Just as many of us take on daunting projects or endure overwhelming odds, so, too, did Washington. The British continually forced retreat and had won four straight battles over the Americans. Down to 3,000 fighting men, Washington wrote to Congress: “The situation of our affairs is critical and truly alarming.” He further wrote on December 20th: “Ten days more will put an end to the existence of our army.” The Americans were hanging on by their fingernails. Washington’s army was hanging on even though they were “going as long as two days with no food and tying rags to their feet in lieu of having shoes.” (A Kids’ Guide to the Ame
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