Wildomar Council approves resolutions of necessity for vacant lands for Bundy Canyon Segment II widening project

The Wildomar City Council in rarely used actions, initiated a series of resolutions of necessity for condemnation of vacant properties to make way for the scheduled widening of a portion of Bundy Canyon (Segment II) at their livestreamed Sept. 13 meeting.The Resolutions of Necessity for Condemnation of Vacant Property precedes the seizure by eminent domain of property, if agreements with the owners of the property are unreachable before the project in the public interest begins. Any delay in the planned Bundy Canyon Phase II project would result in much higher costs to the city and the public due to the inflationary times, according to Thomas D. Jex, Wildomar’s Public Works/Engineering Department who made the request of the council. The resolutions involve parcels of land fronting Bu
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