Second Annual Goldie Fest attracts UFO enthusiasts

As the sun sets, Goldie appears and walks silently under the stars at the Second Annual Goldie Fest celebration Saturday, Sept. 16. Anza Valley Outlook/Chris Peters photo
The second annual Goldie Fest extraterrestrial celebration was held Saturday, Sept. 16, at the Destination Place in Anza. Vendors were on hand offering gifts and Goldie merchandise, as Jackie Cope gave tarot card readings. Unidentified Flying Object followers, paranormal fans, alien aficionados and stargazing enthusiasts attended the free event.Celebrating everything Goldie, Anza's very own UFO, the event featured talks from guest speakers Wil Wakely and Rupert. They discussed UFOs, sightings, alien abductions and more."The speakers were intriguing," said organizer Annika Knöppel. "We were all impressed with their knowledge and expertise."Wakely, from the San Diego, California Mutual UFO Network group, discussed regional sightings of UFOs and extraterrestrials and answered que
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