From Our Heart to Yours! Thank You. 3030 Publishing’s Teacher of the Month Program

In the vibrant tapestry of education, there exists a transformative power that transcends traditional textbooks and teaching methods. At 3030 Publishing, in collaboration with the esteemed Hope Service non-profit organization, we illuminate the very heart and soul of education by honoring educators who champion the vital pillars of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), equity, and empathy.

This month, we proudly introduce two extraordinary champions: Dr. Nyree Clark and Mrs. Shavon Dunn.

Dr. Nyree Clark. Valley News/Courtesy photo

Dr. Nyree Clark, a curriculum program specialist for the Colton Joint Unified School District, has crafted an inspiring after-school program. Her African American Literacy Club weaves the rich tapestry of representational literature into the educational experience. This literary journey promotes empathy, connecting young hearts through storytelling. Dr. Clark’s approach is both innovative and profoundly impactful, fostering an inclusive and empathetic school environment.

Mrs. Shavon Dunn. Valley News/Courtesy photo

Mrs. Shavon Dunn, a dynamic 4th-grade teacher, combines technology with creative SEL strategies to ignite her students’ passion for learning. Her classroom is a sanctuary where intellectual growth is harmoniously intertwined with emotional development. Through engaging activities and innovative teaching methods, Mrs. Dunn ensures that every student is empowered with the tools to thrive academically and emotionally.

Dr. Clark’s dedication to empathy, SEL, and equity is evident in her work. She actively promotes and integrates empathy within her school’s climate and culture. Using representational literature, she immerses students in rich storytelling, fostering understanding and empathy among young minds.

In the realm of SEL, Dr. Clark integrates the five CASEL SEL domains into her program, providing a foundation of mindfulness. By addressing Self-Awareness, Relationship Skills, Responsible Decision Making, Self-Management, and Social Awareness, she empowers students with the skills to navigate their world with emotional intelligence.

Dr. Clark’s commitment to equity and empathy is underscored by a memorable experience in her African American Literacy Club. Reading “Sulwe” by Lupita Nyong’o, she ignited a discussion about self-awareness and colorism, inspiring students to embrace their identity, address inequities, and build strategies to overcome challenges. One student’s heartfelt words, “Mrs. Clark helps me be the best me I can be,” exemplify her lifelong commitment to teaching.

Our “Educator of the Month” program celebrates the outstanding work of educators like Dr. Nyree Clark and Mrs. Shavon Dunn. Their unwavering commitment to empathy, SEL, and equity in education serves as a beacon of inspiration for the entire education community. Together, we can continue to enrich the lives of students and propel the future of education.

Join us in this heartwarming journey. Visit to explore more about our initiative and find out how you can be a part of this transformative movement. Together, we can inspire educators to blend intellect with emotion, creating a brighter future, one student at a time.

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