Review of all things Real Estate: What they did (or didn’t do) and what happened?

Bob Hillery
Bob HilleryCR PropertiesIn this weekly article, I have lamented what appeared to be seemingly capricious action by the Federal Reserve Board regarding monetary policy (versus fiscal policy, aka government controlling its spending) to try to curb inflation and get it down to 2%.I have expressed concern that it will take 12 months for changes to manifest and, since we have endured 12 Prime Rate increases in the last 13 months, it occurs that there hasn’t been sufficient interval time to analyze the changes.The Fed met on Thursday, Nov. 30 and, for the second time in two months, they left interest rates unchanged. And what was the reaction? While still inconclusive in that there isn’t clear consensus, the headlines generally appear to agree with the Fed’s action (or lack
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