Senator Seyarto: State spending is out of control

State Senator Kelly Seyarto, R-Murrieta, represents California's 32nd Senate District. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Kelly SeyartoState Senator, 32nd State Senatorial districtThis week, the Governor released his $291 billion budget proposal for 2024-2025. The record revenues of recent years have disappeared and been replaced by a deficit projected by the independent Legislative Analyst Office (LAO) to top $68 billion. The Governor disputes that number and is projecting a $39 billion deficit. Either way, California is far from the $97 billion surplus from two years ago.It has become clear that overspending while underperforming is now the status quo. In the ten years of supermajority rule, the state budget has ballooned without the corresponding population growth. General Fund spending has been raised to a level more than 2.5 times higher, from $86 billion to $222 billion. Has your quality of
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