SEL4CA: 3030 Publishing Educator of the Month winner

Amy Cranston. Valley News/Courtesy photo

In our commitment to recognizing outstanding organizations, 3030 Publishing is thrilled to announce SEL4CA as our Educator of the Month winner for their incredible contributions to social and emotional learning (SEL). SEL4CA, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to enhancing the lives of young people and adults by empowering advocates to champion SEL in schools and communities.

SEL4CA operates under a mission to improve lives through the promotion of high-quality, equity-focused SEL at both state and community levels. Their goals—connect, promote, advocate, and support—underscore their commitment to raising awareness, encouraging effective implementation, and advancing SEL-related policies and funding.

Our exclusive interview with Amy Cranston and Jamie Mikelich, State Alliance Leaders for California, revealed the remarkable achievements of SEL4CA. Amy highlighted the organization’s exponential growth, soaring from 500 members in 2019 to an impressive 4,300 today. This growth is a testament to SEL4CA’s unwavering dedication to making SEL the cornerstone of learning for students.

SEL4CA’s approach to SEL is dynamic and comprehensive. Jamie describes the organization as the “bottom cheerleader in a pyramid, uplifting social emotional learning everywhere.” This analogy perfectly encapsulates SEL4CA’s mission to support SEL initiatives across various educational settings.

One key aspect of SEL4CA’s impact is its strategic engagement with the California Department of Education. Recognizing that SEL varies across regions, SEL4CA has coordinators spread throughout the state, ensuring personalized support tailored to the unique needs of each community. Whether in San Francisco or Orange County, SEL4CA is there to guide teachers and provide insights into effective SEL implementation.

Moreover, SEL4CA is actively involved in dialogues with a diverse array of SEL programs, both for-profit and nonprofit. This approach enables them to stay informed and well-versed in the latest resources, ensuring they can offer valuable support to individuals seeking specific SEL resources.

In a recent highlight, SEL4CA extended its support to the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). This collaborative effort underscores SEL4CA’s commitment to assisting districts and educators in their SEL endeavors.

As we celebrate SEL4CA as our Educator of the Month, we applaud their exceptional efforts in fostering social and emotional learning. Their commitment to inclusivity, growth, and advocacy makes them an inspiring beacon in the field of education. SEL4CA truly exemplifies the transformative power of social and emotional learning, positively impacting the lives of countless students and educators across California.

Before you leave, SEL4CA would love for you know that SEL Day is March 8th, 2024! Please take the time to celebrate and fill your classroom with kindness and joy!

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