Highway Update: Are e-bikes becoming a problem?

Road construction. Valley News/Adobe Stock photo
The increase in the number of e-bikes on the road and on pedestrian sidewalks is becoming a concern to motorists and pedestrians alike.There are California traffic laws that make it illegal to ride a motor-driven cycle, moped, motorized bicycle on a freeway or expressway if signs are posted to prohibit their operation. Any of those electric bicycles or mopeds that do not exceed the speed limit of 20 mph are allowed wherever regular bicycles are allowed. Many e-bikes and mopeds, however, are exceeding that limit, posing danger to pedestrians and regular automotive traffic.Also, all moped, electric bikes, bicycle, scooter and motorcycle riders are required to wear the proper safety helmets in California.Temecula City Council and staff will be taking up the issue of e-bike safety
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