California Poison Control: Make a New Year’s Resolution to protect children from cannabis edibles

Valley News/Adobe Stock photo
CALIFORNIA – Children don’t know that the colorful cannabis edibles wrapped in packages that often mimic familiar-looking brands of gummies, candies and other snacks can be risky for them to eat. but adults do. And according to California Poison Control, these edibles can increase the risk of accidental poisoning and send children to the emergency room.Edibles have become so pervasive that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of incidents in which children younger than 5 are eating edible cannabis products being reported to CPCS. In 2022, exposure to a cannabis edible was responsible for more than half of the cannabis-related calls to CPCS: 62% for 5 years and under, 57% for 6-19 years and 43% for 20 and older.The age-adjusted rate of cannabis-related calls to CPCS
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