MENIFEE – The court is set, and the game is on as we unveil the Icemen Basketball Showdown schedule, which invites young hoops talent and enthusiasts to a thrilling display of athleticism and competition. Since 1993, these events have spotlighted rising stars and brought together the most promising athletes from across California. Let’s dive into the details of the upcoming matchups that offer more than just a game – they’re a gateway to potential college careers and lifelong memories.

Underclassmen Showdown (Classes of 2025-2029)

As lunchtime hits on Saturday, Feb. 24, from 2:30 pm through the final buzzer at Santa Rosa High School, the stage is set for an extraordinary showcase of raw talent and youthful ambition. With registration priced at $135 and limited spots for 80 players, the Underclassmen Showdown is a not-to-miss opportunity for athletes to play on a larger platform.

Key Highlights include a vibrant gathering of talent hailing from every corner of California with the spotlight for young players to demonstrate their skills in front of the media and college coaches eager to discover the next big name in basketball.

“It’s a chance to stand out, exhibit your skills, and take the first decisive step towards a future in collegiate athletics,” says Iceman Basketball founder Todd Malecki.

Prep/Senior Showdown 2024 (Class of 2024)

Parallel to the Underclassmen event, Saturday, Feb 24th also marks the day for the Prep/Senior Showdown – a focused environment for prep and 2024 seniors. This event mirrors the intensity and expectations of the earlier session with an enhanced focus on preparedness for collegiate play.

Key Highlights are identical to the morning agenda, with the event running at the same prime location, Santa Rosa Academy.

Opportunities abound with the same entry fee of $135 and openings for 80 ambitious players ready to compete. These events bring a legacy of success with them, where many have leaped from the high school courts to collegiate arenas, thanks to the visibility provided at this very event.

For basketball enthusiasts, there’s no better place to be than courtside, witnessing the growing talent and passion of young athletes. For players, it’s a lucrative chance to turn potential into action, as every dribble, pass, and shot could pivot the direction of your athletic journey.

College Recruiting and Evaluation Day

The following day, there will be another event where attendees will hit the courts at the University of St. Katherines in San Marcos from 9 am to 2 pm. This elite college recruiting, and evaluation event offers a remarkable platform for student-athletes from the classes of 2024 through 2028 to display their skills under the discerning eyes of media representatives and college scouts. Both San Diego and Imperial Counties are abuzz with excitement as the next generation of basketball stars look to make their mark, demonstrating not only their athletic ability but also their potent potential for future collegiate glory.

It is encouraged that players register promptly and secure their spots. For more information on these events and more, email for registration links, and follow Todd Malecki on Twitter at @toddmalecki.

JP Raineri
JP Raineri

JP is an award-winning multimedia journalist, and head of the Sports Department for the Valley News. Over his time in the Temecula Valley, JP, a former Southwestern League head baseball coach, was also an on-air radio personality at Q103.3, KATY 101.3, Hot 103.9, and was a television host for the Outdoor Channel. When not covering local, or national sports, JP also serves as an Associate Baseball Scout with NSR.