Rose Care FUNdamentals June, 2024

Do not remove sunburned leaves because they provide shade for the cane which can be damaged or killed by sunburn. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Frank Brines, ARS Master RosarianSpecial to Valley NewsIt was a wetter than “normal” winter, influenced by the El Niño (warmer waters in the western Pacific). That extra rainfall recharged the soil, aquifers, and reservoirs, setting us up for great growing conditions this year. The long range expectation is for El Niño to weaken and to transition to La Niña conditions, increasing the likelihood of drier conditions for us this coming winter.But June is upon us and we must still be watchful to efficiently manage the amount of water we apply in our gardens while keeping our plants safe from heat damage and water stress. The strategies I will discuss here are:Delivering water efficiently Keeping water in the soil using mulch Allowing your roses a summer dormancy
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