Friday, September 24, 2021
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The challenge of winning back transparency and truth

As we reflect on all of the things in life we are thankful for, not far from my mind and to varying degrees the...
Julie Reeder

Concerning The Epoch Times and national news

We had a person complain that Village News, a weekly newspaper that covers North San Diego County from Reeder Media, which also publishes Valley...

The things we won’t easily recover from

California State Sen. Melissa Melendez Wednesday, Oct. 28, tweeted to her followers a question: “What news source/personality do you trust to give you the...

This is an opinion piece

This is an opinion piece, a written expression of the opinions I hold as an independently thinking human being who lives in the community...

80 is not the new 70: Age may bias heart care, study finds

People are more likely to buy things when prices end in 99 cents rather than when rounded up to the next dollar, or they...

Keep Big Tech from destroying free elections

With my new computer I receive unsolicited on screen messages from The Washington Post and New York Times, alerting me to news flashes they...
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