Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Harold Pease Ph.D.

Failure to preserve federalism has cost much liberty

The U.S. lives under two political systems: one centered on foreign affairs and the other primarily domestic. It’s called federalism, and the two systems...

Enslaving debt soars to over $23 trillion

In listening to the 2020 Democratic presidential debates or President Donald Trump’s many addresses to the American people, citizens would not know that the...

Trump calls on all nations to end religious persecution

“Our nation was founded on the idea that our rights do not come from government, but from God,” President Donald Trump said before the...

Death by socialism

While many on the left are presently tripping over themselves to advance socialism in the United States, it might be well to remember that...

Democrats propose rejecting Constitution in electing president

All leading Democratic presidential candidates reject present constitutional language in electing future presidents of the United States. Opponents of the Electoral College seek to...

‘All went to the (university), where they came out all the same’

Student unrest in many universities demonstrates what is becoming obvious; institutions of higher learning are becoming radicalized and project intolerance for anything but a...

How ‘red flag’ laws violate the Bill of Rights

Most people now understand that “red flag” laws violate the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights, and many Republicans, including the president, now...