Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Former local football standouts take part in record-breaking college game

ASU tops University of Arizona in historic 70-7 victory It has been a wild and unpredictable college football season, during a wildly unpredictable year. This...

College Football Picks: Big Ten returns to Big Ten weather

By RALPH D. RUSSO Just as Big Ten weather hits the Midwest comes the start of the Big Ten football season. The conference that called off...

College football sending wrong messages vs COVID-19

By PAUL NEWBERRY C’mon, college football, you’ve got to do better. Coaches must set an example by wearing their masks. Fans shouldn’t be cheering from their...

Pandemic-proof: Fall college football revived on West Coast

By RALPH D. RUSSO A major college football season that was in peril six week ago as conferences succumbed to concerns about COVID-19 is reconstituting. The...

Notre Dame-Wake Forest postponed; Mountain West eyes fall

By RALPH D. RUSSO As the Atlantic Coast Conference worked Tuesday to reschedule another league game postponed because of a COVID-19 outbreak within one of...

Pick Six: In these uncertain times, ’Bama and Clemson again

By RALPH D. RUSSO There are six conferences scheduled to play major college football this fall, and a playoff is in place for January. As...
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