Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Cancer diagnosis is a life-changing experience

Ashlee Collins Southwest Healthcare Systems A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing experience. Everything changes in that single moment that when a person hears, “You have cancer.”...
Harold Pease Ph.D.

America’s Frontline Doctors censored by big tech

Harold W. Pease, Ph.D., Special to Anza Valley Outlook At least a dozen medical doctors from all over America assembled in front of the Supreme Court,...
Michelle's Place

Michelle’s Place Cancer Resource Center reopens its doors to clients

Considering the nation was going through a worldwide pandemic and the majority of clients that Michelle’s Place Cancer Resource Center serves are immunocompromised –...

Temecula Valley Hospital offers a one-day breast cancer procedure with Xoft intraoperative radiation therapy

TEMECULA – Temecula Valley Hospital now offers intraoperative radiation therapy for select patients with early-stage breast cancer. Breast intraoperative radiation therapy with iCAD’s Xoft Axxent...

Help for youth addiction

Every two days a young person in California dies from an opioid overdose. More and more opioid dependent children are treated in emergency departments...