Digifest Temecula celebrates virtual Digiday 2020

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JDS Creative Academy

TEMECULA –JDS Creative Academy, the nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that produces DigiFest Temecula, livestreamed an eight-hour virtual DigiDay experience Aug. 22. The special virtual event was jam-packed with professional speakers, entertainment, festival screenings and awards.

Since 2017, DigiFest Temecula has been uniting content creators, providing an opportunity for their work to be exhibited and evaluated. The annual event was rescheduled in April, then recreated, when COVID-19 hit one month before the originally scheduled in-person festival. The three-day, in-person event turned into a virtual, livestreamed broadcast. This change allowed content submitters and attendees to still have the experience they were looking for, just in another format.

“As a filmmaker, I am so grateful that DigiFest continued this year,” Honey Lauren, DigiDay award winner, said. “With COVID-19 – all of the other film festivals canceled, so thank you for not quitting. You guys did an incredible job of making it happen. The virtual studio is amazing. Just wow.”

Almost 100 entries were submitted into the competition. Not only were there local submissions, but entries came from across the globe, as far away as Australia. Ten Digis were awarded to digital-content creators. Digital categories included: photography, illustration, marketing/PSA, music videos, animation, as well as narrative and documentary video shorts. People’s choice awards and honorable mentions were also awarded, and like the traditional event, people’s choice voting took place in real time with winners announced during the awards ceremony.

Attendees enjoyed gaining information, engaging stories, training, entertainment from local artists including Southern California rock band Kanan Road, comedic relief provided by Teddy Lane Jr. and prize drawings.

JDS Studios became a virtual, interactive place for attendees to immerse themselves in the DigiFest experience, just like they would in person, all from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Participants viewed embedded media, watched festival screenings and dived into a digital shopping experience. Guests also accessed a Zoom networking room to meet other attendees and the speakers.

“What an exciting day. It took us awhile to figure out what DigiFest 2020 was going to look like, but I am so proud of how it turned out. DigiFest Temecula year four looked like nothing we could ever have imagined, but the JDS Creative Academy team took it to the next level. We had amazing submissions, speakers and entertainment. What more can you ask for?” Diane Strand, DigiFest creator and founder of JDS Creative Academy, said.

The event name, DigiFest does not include the word “digital” for nothing. DigiFest is an annual event for those who love the arts, want to learn, network and explore what the digital entertainment world has to offer. DigiFest 2020 DigiDay was just that and more.

Submitted by JDS Creative Academy.