Dorland artists to open online art gallery, seeks donations

Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, which is seeking entries for its virtual art gallery opening in May, is located in the hills above Temecula. Valley News/Courtesy photo

Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, the place for accomplished artists to find a place to feed their creative spirits for decades in the hills above Temecula, found the COVID-19 pandemic is seriously affecting them.

“Spring is a time that flourishes with the abundance of hope, creativity and beauty. It is usually a time for us to welcome resident artists. However, due to the crisis and for the safety of all, we’ve had to temporarily close our doors to residents. This forced closure has shut off income that is vital for our survival,” executive director Janice Cipriani-Willis and board president Curtis Horton of the artists’ colony said.

The arts colony has been asking artists and longtime supporters of the colony to help financially as they try to replace $45,000 in lost revenue due to the pandemic. Dorland Mountain Arts Colony has made some minimal changes which they hope will keep them moving forward and connecting with the community. The art gallery is being placed online, and the arts colony is seeking entries to be shown.

“The arts are a wonderful distraction for everyone and a great way for us to stay connected. So, with that in mind, Dorland has decided to do an art gallery on our website to feature our beautiful and talented associate artists. This is one way we can connect with all of you and inspire you to be with us. Whether you are an artist or an art enthusiast, this new page is for you,” Cipriani-Willis said.

Scheduled for launch in May, the online gallery,, will show the wide range of artwork from their artists and the price set for any pieces available for purchase. The gallery will start with Dorland’s visual artists first, followed by other writers, poets, musicians and composers whose work will be displayed on separate pages for each category. The showings will run continuously for three-month periods.

“As artists you will gain exposure, perhaps sell some of your artwork through online sales and also gain confidence from working with us to further your artistic goals,” Cipriani-Willis said.

Entries for the online showing for the Dorland Mountain Arts Gallery will be accepted until 5 p.m. Wednesday, May 15. The first showing will run for three months, starting at the end of May. After that, new entries will be shown every 90 days.

Current associate artists may submit one to five entries, along with a headshot and short bio of 150 words or less written in the third person, to Carole at Outside artists can become associates by filling out an application form on the “Associate Artist Application” page. The entries must have a title and include the size, medium, whether the work is framed or unframed and a price for each painting. All images must be in .jpg format with an image only; do not include a frame.

Noreen Ring will judge the submissions, and as space allows, she will decide which pieces will go on the website. There is no cost to enter the gallery. There are no categories or prizes.

Dorland Mountain Art Colony will handle all sales with a 20% commission to help support the colony. Dorland Mountain Art Colony is accepting donations which can be made at paypal-donate-button-516. The current goal is to raise $45,000. The arts colony is located at 36701 Highway 79 South in Temecula.

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