Sleep better during allergy season

Sleep better during allergy season

Max Wiseberg Special to Valley News Spring is the season of renewal. Plants and trees start to rebound from the harsh winter that claimed most of their leaves and vegetation. Birds return from their southern vacations, serenade us with their morning songs and rebuild their nests in preparation for new arrivals. Unfortunately, there is another […]

Kali P. Chaudhuri, M.D. – Investing in Health & Community

Kali P. Chaudhuri, M.D. – Investing in Health & Community

Dr. Kali Pradip Chaudhuri’s path to success in the medical field has been a roundabout route that began in India and has lead him to locations around the world, including the Hemet and Menifee valleys. Despite his route being marked with some delays, detours and a dollop of controversy, he has shown a steady hand […]

Five ways to boost children’ self-esteem

Sharon Thayer Special to Valley News For the first two quarters of the school year, Olivia’s grades were perfect, all A’s on the second-grader’s report card. Olivia was involved in the school holiday play, she was in the inventor’s club and she got along with everyone and always looked forward to going to school. Something […]

Benefits of using your local hospital

Gloria Magallanes When choosing a hospital for a loved one or oneself there are many things to be considered. It is important to make an informed decision and trust that you chose the right treatment center. At Menifee Valley Medical Center patients can rest easy knowing that the hospital has their best interests at […]

Is a bad bite only about your smile?

Dr. Jamie Reynolds Special to Valley News People with significant bite issues aren’t always that enthused about showing off their pearly whites. Maybe it’s crooked teeth that have thrown your bite out of whack. Maybe you suffered an injury, or perhaps the cause is dental work that wasn’t quite right. Whatever the reason behind a […]

Medicaid blows $100 billion on promotional ‘demonstrations’

Judicial Watch| Special to Valley News WASHINGTON – In a classic example of government waste, the taxpayer-funded program that provides health insurance for the poor, Medicaid, spends more than $100 billion on “demonstrations” to promote the benefit that already covers millions of people nationwide. That’s an astounding 33 percent of Medicaid’s total federal budget for […]

Why fat is so important to remain in ketosis

Dr. Terry Rondberg Special to Village News  Most of us eat way too much sugar and too little fat. A lot of people eat too much protein, which is often riskier than a high-carbohydrate diet. It is due to brainwashing for anyone to believe that glucose is the preferred energy for our body. This is […]

Do the children really know how you feel?

Experts will constantly tell you that good communication is a necessary element in any successful relationship. While we generally think of that advice in relation to spouses, friends and co-workers, one of the most important relationships to evaluate for good communication is with our children. Do your children really know how you feel about them? […]

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