Our Garden Gate: Wrongs are done to trees when topped

Topping off trees like this does not keep them healthy. Roger Boddart photo
My life has been dedicated to the natural world and the caring of flora and fauna throughout California, but what I see being done to trees today really concerns me and it is a shame how some trees are treated unfairly. When the public sees the topping of trees, it becomes like a plague in the neighborhood. The public thinks this is how trees should be treated, and it is not so.Trees are life for they bestow upon us a host of benefits that is part of the green world. They give shelter, food, warmth and inspiration, clean the water and are the great air-cleansers that help cool the planet. The Amazon basin is 10 times the size of Texas and is said to be the lungs of this floating rock called Earth.The Amazon rainforests have been cut and recut and have been diminished by over 20% in thi
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