Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Can trees talk with one another?

Roger Boddaert Special to Village News Wow, that’s a heavy beginning to start my conversation with you about the tree world, which has an interconnecting network...
Marie Waldron

Arbor Day is a call to action

Assemblymember Marie Waldron Special to Valley News Arbor Day is April 30, an observance that began in 1872 when the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture adopted...
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California observes Arbor Day

This week California observes Arbor Day, created in 1872 by the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture. Celebrating trees is a wonderful thing. California’s observance...
house with trees

Plant shade trees

TEMECULA – Beautiful landscaping can add instant curb appeal to a property. But beauty isn’t the only thing that makes idyllic landscaping attractive to...

Maddock Ranch Nursery to offer bare root trees

FALLBROOK – It’s bare root time again and in southwest Riverside County, residents can grow just about anything they choose. Thanks to all the rain...

Our Garden Gate: Wrongs are done to trees when topped

My life has been dedicated to the natural world and the caring of flora and fauna throughout California, but what I see being done...