Can trees talk with one another?

Live Oak Park Road is lined with old oak trees in an example of survival of the fittest. Valley News/Nancy Heins-Glaser photo
Roger BoddaertSpecial to Village NewsWow, that’s a heavy beginning to start my conversation with you about the tree world, which has an interconnecting network just below our feet through which trees and plants communicate.The earthy underground world comprises various fungi, known as the mycorrhizal fiber connections, and is known as the wood-wide web network.This incredible root-systems network can share information about possible threats to one another like disease, droughts or insect attacks. These tiny root fibers share water and nutrients through this vast system to work with one another and communicate.The mycorrhizal network relies heavily on the mother trees, also known as hub trees, usually the oldest, tallest, and most vigorous trees with the most significa
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