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Use hardiness zones for thriving veggie gardens

TEMECULA – Vegetables need a certain number of growing days with ideal conditions in order to mature and produce a viable yield. These conditions...

Gardening advice from Anza Valley residents

Gardening in the high country of the Anza Valley can be challenging. The elevation, unpredictable late spring storms and frost even in June can...

Rose Care FUNdamentals February 2022

Frank BrinesSpecial to Valley NewsIn southern California, winter is usually short and sometimes confusing. Winter for some plant life is a time of withdrawal...

Winter frost is beautiful to see but dangerous to plants

Winter in the Anza Valley is well underway, with chilly temperatures, rain, wind, snow and frost.Frost, also called white or hoarfrost, can be beautiful...
Pastor Zachary Elliott

How to keep your life green and thriving

I’ve never been much of a gardener. To date, my greatest success at horticulture is the two semi-living plants in my office. They are...

Can trees talk with one another?

Roger BoddaertSpecial to Village NewsWow, that’s a heavy beginning to start my conversation with you about the tree world, which has an interconnecting network...

Rose Care FUNdamentals, May 2021

Frank BrinesARS Master Consulting RosarianThere were signs of climate change again this year. Temperatures and rainfall patterns differed greatly from last year, with temps...

Aspiring Eagle Scout completes project for grandfather and friends at Vineyard Place in Murrieta

MURRIETA – When a Murrieta Boy Scout was thinking about what to do for his Eagle Scout project, he said he found a good...

Ergonomic tools can help older gardeners

TEMECULA – Gardening has been found to provide a host of benefits beyond ensuring access to fresh fruits, vegetables and seasonal blooms.The Centers for...

Prepare a garden for spring planting

TEMECULA – The final weeks of winter and the first few weeks of spring are still chilly in many parts of the world. Despite...