Tools are great for Father’s Day – and for investors

Brian Schrock is a financial adviser with Edward Jones in Fallbrook. Courtesy photo
FALLBROOK – If you’re a dad, you may well be pleased to unwrap some tools as Father’s Day gifts. Of course, it might be a stereotype that all men are handy at repairs; women certainly can be every bit as good when it comes to building and fixing things. In fact, the construction process is valuable for anyone to learn – and the same skills that go into creating and mending physical objects also can be applied to financial projects – such as working toward a comfortable retirement.The first skill is diagnosing the challenge.A good craftsperson knows that the first step toward accomplishing any outcome is to assess the challenge. So, for example, if a homeowner wants to build some bookshelves right into the wall, they’ll need to locate the wall studs, determine if they have a
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