Former Temecula Valley graduate wins Sprint-Distance National Championships

Travis Wood, a 2014 Temecula Valley High School graduate, finishes first at the recent National Championships for Sprint-Distance Triathlons in Cleveland. Archi Trujilio photo
Thousands of triathletes embarked on the National Championships for Sprint-Distance Triathlons in Cleveland earlier this month, and Travis Wood, a 2014 graduate of Temecula Valley High School, finished first for the men. Competitors came from all 50 states and swam, biked and ran their way to glory over the weekend of Aug. 10. Wood recently graduated with high honors from Boise State University with a bachelor’s degree in human biology and currently lives and trains in Boise.“I always had hopes to enter the medical field,” Wood said. “For right now, my ‘real world’ ambitions are on hold, as I plan to race professionally in 2020.”Wood works at a triathlon store most afternoons, while dedicating his mornings to training. This season he began working with coach Harold Fr
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