Take back our public spaces

Lake Elsinore City Councilman Robert “Bob” Magee frowns in a city park. Courtesy photo
Enough is enough. The images of major California cities that have been overrun with homeless drug addicts littering and defecating on public sidewalks is a national disgrace. The social engineering experiment, supported by the so called educated elite, has failed. Some people simply cannot take care of themselves, and others need to be locked up to protect society from them.This experiment perpetrated on us first by Assembly Bill 109, the Jail Realignment Act; Propositions 47 which recategorized some felonies as misdemeanors and Proposition 57, which released some non-violent offenders, were presented to us through one branding campaign after another, but the one that really resonated was entitled: “The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act.” Safe? Do you feel safe now that there are
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