Get the financial facts about timeshares

Learn how to navigate timeshare purchases to find out if they're a smart purchase for you. Courtesy photo
Temecula – Many people turn to timeshares as a way to enjoy annual vacations. But is investing in a timeshare a financially sound decision? That depends on who you ask.Getting the facts about how timeshares work and learning a few tricks can help anyone make an educated decision about timeshares.In a timeshare, individuals purchase a place to stay in vacation property. They typically can then use this room and the surrounding amenities once per year, and often must travel to the same location time and again. Timeshares long have held appeal because they are marketed toward people who may not be able to buy a vacation home, but still want to vacation each year.There are some advantages to timeshares. They provide a guaranteed vacation destination each year in a familiar place.
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