15 churches partner together to give back to the community

Volunteers paint artwork on the school house built that morning for the children at Rancho Damacitas Saturday, Sept. 28. Lexington Howe photo
It’s all about giving back.As part of a new pilot program, 15 churches came together Sept. 28, to help with a variety of projects at Rancho Damacitas’ 12-acre campus, Empowerment Village: from mulching, repair work, building and painting new playhouses for children, as well as painting two of the homes on the property that house single mothers and their children.Kristi Piatkowski, director of development for Rancho Damacitas Children and Family Services, works with single mothers with children 10 years old or younger, who are homeless or may become homeless, including some who came out of domestic violence. The program seeks to give these families long-term care for 1-2 years with hou
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