Monday, December 6, 2021
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Mini horses provide giant rewards to humans, and vice versa

For all the mini horses that have been saved from a harsh life or certain death but lucky enough to find a haven at...

How families can give back to their communities together

TEMECULA – Strong communities are built by strong people who recognize the importance of giving back. Children recognize when their parents give back to...
Mike Patke

Veteran showcase: Mike Patke takes to teaching after serving

Veteran Mike Patke, who volunteers and teaches around Anza, began in service to his country as a U.S. Army fuel and electrical systems repairman...

How to help locally with coronavirus preparations

Coronavirus concerns are on everyone’s mind. One of the most important questions that looms large is how people can help each other. How can...

15 churches partner together to give back to the community

It’s all about giving back. As part of a new pilot program, 15 churches came together Sept. 28, to help with a variety of projects...