Lori Jo Wood presents soap making class at Little Red Schoolhouse

Student Brianne Hopkins prepares to mix her soap ingredients at Lori Jo Wood’s soap making class at the Little Red Schoolhouse Monday, Sept. 30. Diane Sieker photo
Local soap artist Lori Jo Wood presented a soap making class at the Little Red Schoolhouse in Anza Monday, Sept. 30. The session was attended by six students. Wood has been making soap for four years and said she was anxious to share her love of the art. She explained that her inspiration started with a plant – loofah, which is the fruit of a vine in the cucumber family that is allowed to mature and is used as a bath or kitchen scrubber after being processed to remove everything except the network of coarse fibers. “I found out that loofah is like a gourd,” she said. “I’ve been growing gourds for 20 years and decided to try growing the loofah. After my first harvest I was asked if I had ever thought
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