The Empowerment Center Strengths Showcase teaches children to love themselves

Tiffany Baker helps one camper present at the Strengths Summer Camp Showcase. (Halle Kowalewski photo)
Halle Kowalewski Intern The Empowerment Center hosted its yearly Strengths Summer Camp Showcase, June 28. The event brought the three-day Kids Strengths Camp to its conclusion with one final afternoon of celebration. The Kids Strengths Camp, which was available to children ages nine to 17, helped children discover and celebrate their identity. Each child was given a strengths test which detailed their personality and identified their three greatest attributes. The camp’s leaders then spent time getting to know each child and demonstrating why their individual qualities were remarkable. “When we come in contact with a kid we want to make that kid’s life better than when they came in. We want to show them how they can make a difference in the world by being them,” Tiffany Baker,
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