Temecula City Council approves speed limit reduction on Vail Ranch Parkway

The Temecula City Council voted Oct. 8 to lower the speed limit on a section of Vail Ranch Parkway to 40 mph from 45 mph. Will Fritz photo
The Temecula City Council voted at its Oct. 8 meeting to drop the speed limit slightly on a stretch of road in south Temecula.Vail Ranch Parkway will see its maximum speed dropped from 45 to 40 mph between Nighthawk Pass and Redhawk Parkway.The California Vehicle Code requires local jurisdictions to review speed limits every seven years on the basis of an engineering and traffic survey.The speed limit is determined based on the speed of the 85th percentile of traffic measured in that survey, within 5 mph increments – meaning if the city records 100 cars traveling on a road, the speed traveled by the 15th-fastest car is what will determine the speed limit. If that car is traveling at 47 mph, the speed limit is set at 45 mph.Jurisdictions can extend those speed limits for a
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