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Temecula Historical Society to present ‘Riverside County’s Early Desert Denizens’

TEMECULA – Steve Lech, who is considered the authority on Riverside County history, will present a program titled “Riverside County’s Early Desert Denizens” live...

The Bank – A cornerstone in Temecula for over 100 years

Rebecca Marshall FarnbachSpecial to Valley NewsWhen the railroad came to the Temecula Valley in 1882, it prompted many changes. In fact, it made the...

Temecula City Council calls for pedestrian signal upgrade bids

The Temecula City Council approved the bid process to upgrade pedestrian signal equipment at 44 intersections.The 5-0 city council vote Tuesday, March 23, approved...

Temecula City Council approves speed limit reduction on Vail Ranch Parkway

The Temecula City Council voted at its Oct. 8 meeting to drop the speed limit slightly on a stretch of road in south Temecula.Vail...