Choose a health plan during open enrollment with these 7 tips

Rob Falkenberg is the CEO of UnitedHealthcare of California. Courtesy photo
Open enrollment season is here, a time when more than 18.3 million people in California and millions of Americans across the country will have the opportunity to select or switch their health insurance plan for 2020. To help guide people during this important time, here are some tips that may help lead them to better health and cost savings. Tip 1: Know the open enrollment dates. For the more than 178 million Americans with employer-provided coverage, many employers set aside a two-week period between September and December when employees can select health benefits for the following year. For the more than 64 million people enrolled in Medicare, Medicare annual open enrollment runs from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7 each year. For most people, changes made during this time will take effect
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