Auschwitz survivor a focus of Italy’s anti-Semitic tensions

COLLEEN BARRY Associated Press MILAN (AP) — An 89-year-old Auschwitz survivor who is a senator-for-life in Italy has unwittingly provoked one of the country's most intense confrontations with anti-Semitism since the end of Italy's Fascist dictatorship during World War II. In response to revelations that she is subject to 200 social media attacks each day, Liliana Segre called for the creation of a parliamentary committee to combat hate, racism and anti-Semitism. Parliament approved her motion — but without votes from Italy's right-wing parties. Matteo Salvini's euroskeptic League party, Silvio Berlusconi's center-right Forza Italia and Giorgia Meloni's far-right Brothers of Italy all abstained, in a move that defied the social consensus that has marked Italian post-war politics.
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