How big is heaven?

Pastor Zachary Elliott. Courtesy photo
“Old Blue” is what my family called the powder blue Ford Ranger we drove when my wife and I were first married. It was our only car for a time. It had just enough room for me in the driver’s seat, my wife in the middle and my son in his car seat taking up the last spot. It was so crowded. When we had our daughter, we needed something bigger, so we managed to get a little red four-door Saturn that my legs were too long to drive well. But it could fit the four of us. When our third and fourth child arrived, we had to take it to a whole other level. Minivan status had now arrived, and we loved it. It was like an apartment. As a father, the bigger my family gets the more room I want my family to have. I want more room where they can stretch their arms and legs but still be close
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