Need a break from cooking for Thanksgiving? You have options

Skip the cooking and head out to one of several local establishments serving up Thanksgiving dinner this year. Courtesy photo
Whether to roast, smoke or deep-fry a turkey is just one of a multitude of questions residents have to answer when hosting friends and family for Thanksgiving this year.Will they ask guests to bring a dish? Does anyone really like candied yams? Will there be enough stuffing? Will people be mad if they serve ham? Do they choose pie or cake for dessert?The answer is ham and cake, by the way; it’s always ham and always cake. Don’t hate me.Then there is the challenge of execution and the aftermath.Are they really that affected by tryptophan that they can’t help with the dishes? Whose cookware was left behind?It’s just too much. Way too much.Fortunately, residents have options this year as many local establishments will be doing all the hard, dirty work to make T
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