LRE celebrates veterans

Retired Army Spc. Karl Kurtz is pictured with his wife Julie and their service dogs at the Lake Riverside Estates Veterans Day Ceremony at the LRE community center. Diane Sieker photo
Retired Army Spc. Karl Kurtz organized and presented a Veterans Day Ceremony in Lake Riverside Estates Monday, Nov. 11. The event was well-attended by friends, neighbors, veterans and their families. On this day, at the eleventh hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, the Great War ended. Germany signed an armistice agreement with the Allies in a railroad car outside Compiegne, France. Originally called Armistice Day Nov. 11, 1919, it is the anniversary of the end of World War I. Congress passed a resolution in 1926 for an annual observance, and Nov. 11, became a national holiday beginning in 1938. In 1954, the 83rd U.S. Congress amended the Act of 1938 by striking out the word “Armistice” and
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