Temecula council selects new mayor, mayor pro tem

File photo
The Temecula city council conducted its annual reorganization at its Dec. 10 meeting, naming a new mayor and mayor pro tempore.James “Stew” Stewart will serve as mayor in Temecula's 31st year as a city, along with Maryann Edwards as mayor pro tem.Stewart, the current mayor pro tem, is a local barbershop owner who has served on the council since 2016. Edwards, a past member of the Temecula Valley Unified School District’s governing board, has sat on the city council since 2005 and has served as mayor three times. 2020 will be Stewart’s first rotation as mayor.“Temecula still really is a small town, when the local barber can become mayor,” Stewart said. “So here we are in Mayberry, and thank you all for putting your trust in me, and I hope to do a really good job.
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